Mr. Johnny Tiersma

Johnny Tiersma has been a coffee-gulping classroom teacher for over 17 years. He loves learning, and he loves kids. He seeks a classroom environment in which students feel safe and loved so that they can thrive. Ask him about science and you may just see an explosion, implosion, or fire! Johnny teaches 6th grade in the Cardiff School District in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California. If I Were the Teacher is his first book.


Mr. Ron Van Der Pol

Mr. VDP, as his students commonly refer to him, is a passionate art creator and art educator who has taught art for almost 30 years. He primarily teaches high school art at Calvin Christian School in Escondido, California. Ron’s mediums of choice are painting, illustration, and graphic design. Most of his artwork focuses on landscape painting and illustration. Ron works to promote a classroom atmosphere that both encourages and engages his students while fostering a climate of curiosity and wonder.